Copy Values

With this activity you can copy values ​​from the target object to one or more other objects. The activity can do a XPath lookup to find the objects that should be updated or it can just update the object (//Target) that triggers the workflow. This activity is commonly being used to keep two indirectly linked objects attribute values in sync, such as updating attributes of a group that is created (for example using the Create Object activity) from another object, i.e. a location or department object.

Activity Parameters

Parameter Description
Title Enter a title of your choice for the current workflow
Update pairs Specify one or more lines with three elements seperated by commas - "source value/expression", "condition attribute name", "target attribute name". The first value should be the source expressions and you can specify constant values and/or expressions. You can use expression to resolve needed parameters, i.e. [//Target/Manager/DisplayName], [//WorkflowData/<parametername>] or similar. You can concatenate constant values and parameters. The second (2) value can either be blank or the name of an boolean attribute on the target object. If no attribute name is specified, then updating of the specified attribute is always done. If an attributename is specified, the true/false value of the specfied attribute determines whether the target attribute is updated
Update only on True condition? If this is left unchecked, then updates to attributes are only performed if condition attribute value is missing or false. However, if no condition attribute is specified, an update is always done regardless of this checkmark.
Alternative target You can specify an XPath filter to lookup one or more objects that should be updated instead of the default Target object. If you leave this field blank, then the default target (//Target) is updated

Usage sample

This is an example of a workflow that keeps a groups attribute values ​​updated from a "linked" Location object. Every time a Location object triggers this workflow, a lookup is done to find all groups that have a backlink value (LocationBacklinkID) corresponding to the ID of the Location object that triggers the workflow. Any such groups will then have their Display Name updated to 'LOC-<location displayname>' and Description updated to 'Location - <location description>'. Notice, that no attribute name has been specified (middle element is blank/two commans in the middle), so updating is always done.

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Davidburghgraeve Sep 16, 2014 at 11:45 AM 
I want to use this to fill in a default value (Boolean: true) to the [//target/Accountdisablestatus].
What would I need to use in the Update pairs field?