Create Object

This activtity creates a new object (of specified type) in the FIM Service with configurable initial values. Constants, workflow dictionary parameter values and attribute values from the target object can mixed and matched to be used as create parameters for the new object.

Activity Parameters

Parameter Description
Title Enter a title of your choice for the current workflow
Initial values Specify constant values and/or expressions and the name of target attributes. These values are used for as initial values when creating the new object. You can use expression to resolve needed parameters, i.e. [//Target/Manager/DisplayName], [//WorkflowData/<parametername>] or similar. You can concatenate constant values and parameters. You must seperate value and attribute name by a comma, i.e. Fulltime Employee, EmployeeType
Existence lookup filter Specify an XPath filter to do a pre-create lookup. If one or more objects are found using the expression, the new object is not created. If this field is left blank, a new object is always created and no lookup is done.
New object type Specify type of the new object, i.e. Person, Group or other.

Usage example

Below is a screenshot of a Create Object workflow that creates an administrative account (a user clone) of the target user triggering the workflow. Attribute values from the target are copied to the new object. Notice how the DisplayName gets the text '(ADM)' appended and the AccountName gets the '-A' text appended. Also, in this example a pre-create lookup is done to make sure that a user with the administrative accountname does not already exist.

Installing the Create Object Activity

You can install the Create Object Activity workflow by running the included PowerShell script 'Install-Workflows.ps1' with the parameter -CreateCreateObjectActivity on the FIM Service server.

.\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateCreateObjectActivity

You need to make sure that the user execute the installation command above, has the appropriate permissions in the FIM Service to be able create an Activity Information Configuration object and be able to put a new DLL in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

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