Delete Object

With the Delete Object activity you can delete an object in the FIM Service. The most common usage is to delete the object (//Target) triggering the workflow, but you could also do a lookup of another ObjectID and specify this using the workflow dictionary.

Activity Parameters

Parameter Description
Title Enter a title of your choice for the current workflow
ObjectID This value must be the ObjectID (GUID) of the object to delete. You can specify [//Target/ObjectID] to delete the object triggering the workflow or you could do a lookup using the Lookup Value activity and populate, i.e. a parameter called 'DeleteObjectID' and then specify [//WorkflowData/DeleteObjectID] as the ObjectID to delete

Usage example

Below is a screenshot of a Delete Object workflow that deletes the object triggering the workflow.

Installing the Delete Object Activity

You can install the Delete Object Activity workflow by running the included PowerShell script 'Install-Workflows.ps1' with the parameter -CreateDeleteObjectActivity on the FIM Service server.

.\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateDeleteObjectActivity

You need to make sure that the user execute the installation command above, has the appropriate permissions in the FIM Service to be able create an Activity Information Configuration object and be able to put a new DLL in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

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