Troubleshooting the activities

When configuring and creating/testing the activities, you can use a tool such as DbgView ( to catch logging information from the activities.

You can also redirect logging information to a file. Create and specify the following registry key to set the file name for debugging information.

Registry Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Granfeldt\FIM\Workflows
Key name: DebugLogFilename (REG_SZ)
Value: <path of log file>, i.e. C:\Temp\FIM.Workflows-{0:ddd}.log

Also, you can use date time format string to have multiple log files created, i.e. if you want a new log file to be started every day, you could specify the value of DebugLogFilename as C:\Temp\FIM.Workflows-{0:ddd}. For more information of specifying date formats, please refer to this article Just make sure that you construct the date time format in a way that is a valid file name. If the registry key is not present, no log file will be created.

Errors that are not caught by workflows and the built-in logging mechanics can be found in the Application Event Log.

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