Installation instructions

  • Download the package (zip file) from this site
  • Extract to folder, i.e. C:\temp
  • Launch a Powershell interface and execute
    • cd C:\Temp
    • get-help .\Install-Workflows.ps1

You'll get the different switches aka parameters aka arguments for this script with this command. You'll need to pass these or nothing will happen.

To install all Activity's execute these
  • .\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateCodeRunActivity
  • .\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateLookupValueActivity
  • .\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateCopyValuesActivity
  • .\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateLookupValueActivity
  • .\Install-Workflows.ps1 -CreateDeleteObjectActivity

To have it visible and available in the FIM Portal/FIM Service, you'll need to reset IIS by running
  • iisreset

((thanks to David Burghgraeve for these instructions)

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